Y Chhe Group, in partnership with TK Central and KLATFORM, is launching a call for ideas to imagine a new bus stop for Phnom Penh.

We seek innovative designs that not only address the basic need for shelter but also encourage community engagement and promote the use of public transport. Contestants are challenged to think beyond traditional typologies and envision bus stops as catalysts for urban connectivity, community gathering, and city orientation.

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Public transport in Phnom Penh still exists in its infancy - allowing for opportunities to refine the experience for its users. Challenged with the complexities of the urban network, new perspectives are encouraged to help strengthen the system's efficiency.

Could the project serve as a prototype that can be scaled throughout the city? Or is it simply an exploration of materials, independent of context? Perhaps it is so contextual that it can't be replicated. We encourage students to approach the competition with open-minds. Participants have the freedom to interpret the brief as they see fit.


We seek unconventional designs that challenge typical notions of bus stop typologies. Consider the use of material and form to create distinctive urban landmarks.


Can the bus stop become more than just a shelter? Consider designs that integrate additional functions.


How does the bus stop relate to its context and integrate with existing infrastructure? Design solutions that enhance connectivity between bus stops and final destinations, promoting urban mobility.

The competition will focus on bus stops along Line 01 (Green) of the Phnom Penh Bus Rapid Transit system. Please select one or more stops along the route to propose an intervention that can redefine these spaces.

our bus stop

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  • This competition is open to individual submissions. Team formations are not accepted.
  • To be eligible, participants must be currently at an academic institution in Phnom Penh.
  • Students studying architecture, urban planning, and design of all backgrounds are encouraged to participate in this competition.
  • All work entries must display a great degree of innovation and originality with no copyright issue.

Timelines Program
  • Registration Open​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Proposal Submission

  • Proposal Review

  • Shortlist Announcement

  • Physical Model Submission

  • Model Presentation to Judge

  • Public Vote & Exhibition

  • Award Presentation

  • 22​ April - 30 April 2024

  • 14 May 2024

  • 16 May - 23 May 2024

  • 24 May 2024

  • 10 June 2024

  • 15 June 2024

  • 22 June 2024 - 29 June 2024

  • 13 July 2024

OUR bus stop


Our experienced judges will judge submissions based on creativity, contextual considerations, functionality, architectural expression and model making quality. The 6 shortlisted candidates will be notified for the final modeling.

1st Prize

● 3,000,000 riels in cash
● Crystal Award
● A certificate of achievement

2nd Prize

● 2,000,000 riels in cash
● Silver Award
● A certificate of achievement

3rd Prize

● 1,000,000 riels in cash
● Bronze Award
● A certificate of achievement

4th - 6th Prizes

● 500,000 riels in cash
● A certificate of achievement

OUR bus stop

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